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Tesla Owners Manuals
Tesla Service (Subscriptions)
Tesla VIN recall search - NHTSA recall search
Tesla Parts Catalog - Parts Catalog Search

Tesla: Insurance - Manufacturing - Safety Score (Beta)
Tesla Owners: Meet Your Tesla - Delivery Day - After Taking Delivery - New Owner FAQs - Service Visit Information - Support - Warranty - Multi-Factor Authentication
Tesla Engagement Hub
Tesla Event Data Recorder (EDR) Resources

Tesla Voice Commands

Tesla Motors Club Forums - Investor Discussions

Other Accessories for your Tesla:
Jeda - Jeda USB Hub for Model Y (electrek review) - Jeda Wireless Pad
1975 Creations - Quick Bandit - Model Y front license plate mount
Every Amp (previously: Living Tesla) - Model Y Hitch Cover Removal Tools - Wired Phone Fast-Charging Kit
Reverse Logic Limited - Low Profile Jack Pads
Charging Adapters:
Tesla Charging
Tesla CCS Combo 1 Adapter - version - Hansshow version - TT-30 Adapter for Tesla Model S/X/3/Y Gen 2 - NEMA 6-30 Adapter for Tesla Model S/X/3/Y Gen 2
Home Made Adapters adapters

ABetterTheater -

Top Pick Vehicle: Electric Small SUV/Crossover/Wagon:
* Tesla Model Y Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive Long Range (326 miles) - Model Y Ordering FAQ - Design
Manual - Online - Manual - PDF - Support Videos - Parts Catalog - Accessories - Charging Info - Charging Store - Checklist 1 - Checklist 2
Tesla Motors Club - Model Y
IIHS Crash Test - 2022 Tesla Model Y - 2021 Top Safety Pick+

Other options:

Electric Small SUV/Crossover/Wagon Options:
Volvo EX30 2024
+ Chevy Bolt EV - (Munro Live: First Impressions + Final Thoughts) - Elektrek's vehicle of the year
Kia Niro EV - specs - Front Wheel Drive 239 miles range
Hyundai Ioniq 5 - AWD 256 miles range - (limited quantities)
Kia EV6 - AWD 274 miles range
Hyundai KONA Electric - Front Wheel Drive 258 miles range (only sold in select states (Not in Illinois))
Volvo XC40 Recharge (SUV) - AWD 223 miles range - youtube video
Volvo C40 Recharge (Crossover) - "200+" miles range
Genesis GV60 (Coming spring 2022) - autoblog photos
Ford Mustang Mach E GT - Doug DeMuro video review
Ford Mustang Mach E
Volkswagen ID.4
Chevy Bolt EUV
Nissan Leaf (226 miles) - ChargingMap (use IE or Edge browser) - (non-US long range version = NISMO) - Reviews: Electrek first drive - ExtremeTech
Audi Q4 e-tron - video review (in German)
Jaguar I-PACE (234 miles)
Kandi EX3 (Chinese)

Electric Small Sedan Options:
+ Tesla Model 3 Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive (353 miles) - wikipedia - Tesla Checklist - github checklist - Do It Yourself - Parts Catalog - Charging - Wired Charging Cables - Design
Hyundai Ioniq (up to 124 mile range) - 2017 review
Polestar 2 (275 miles, 4.7s 0-62) (Volvo/China) $63,000+ (not in Illinois) - Youtube

Electric Large SUV/Crossover/Wagon Options:
Rivian R1S

Electric Truck:
Tesla Cybertruck
Rivian R1T
Ford F150 Lightning

Electric Mini-Van:
Volkswagen ID. BUZZ - electrk article

Hybrid Small SUV/Crossover/Wagon Options:
Toyota RAV4 Prime - plug-in hybrid powertrain and EV-only capability
0-60 MPH in 5.8 Seconds and Estimated 90 MPGe
drive an estimated 39 miles on battery alone on a single charge
Toyota Venza - hybrid AWD crossover
Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid - 35 MPG - $40k-$4.5k tax credit (price includes tow hitch option)
Toyota RAV4 Limited Hybrid - "40 MPG combined" - $40k (no tow hitch?)

Hybrid Small Sedan Options:
Honda Insight
Toyota Corolla Hybrid

Gas Small SUV/Crossover/Wagon Options:
Subaru Forester - 28 MPG CR Overall
Mazda CX-5 - 24 MPG CR Overall
Charging Speeds:
Tesla Wall Connector Charging Speeds
Tesla Mobile Connector Charging Speeds
energysage - "The Tesla Wall Connector home EV charger complete review"

Find Electric Vehicle Charging:
Tesla Superchargers Map/Service/Stores - SuperCharger info changes - map

A Better Route Planner

Plugshare - find charging stations - App

Volta - charging map for Drivers - (currently free level 2 charging) - ELEC Map - find charging stations
ChargeHub - find charging stations - App
ChargePoint - App
eGallon - Department of Energy - Compare gas to electric costs
Electrify America
EV Trip Planner
Plugsurfing - Map

Fastned - Netherlands
Ionity - Europe

Electric Fast Charging Standards:
CCS - Combined Charging System - Wikipedia
CHAdeMO - Wikipedia
Tesla Supercharger - Wikipedia

Car Recalls:
NHTSA Goverment Recalls

Battery Chargers:
Battery Tender Plus 021-0128 12V - Amazon
Battery Tender Junior 12V - Amazon

Booster/Jumper Cables:
Schumacher BC-1804 18' 4 gauge Red - Amazon
AAA 4326AAA Heavy Duty 16" 6 gauge - Amazon

Booster/Jumper Equipment:
ATD-5925 - Amazon
Energizer/UPG All-In-One - news - Popular Mechanics - Amazon
Schumacher PSJ2212 12V 22Amp DSR Jump Starter - Amazon

Michelin - Pilot Sport A/S Plus
Yokohama - YK520 - review

Tire Rack - Discount Tire - Discount Tire Direct

Konig Wheels
RonJon Wheels - Inspire Wheels

Abstact Ocean - Customization for your car
Abstact Ocean Jack Adaptors
Dreamcase - bed for your car
Jeda USB Hub

TeslaFi - log Tesla charging

Acura - Acurazine - Acurainspired
Tesla - (Teslamotorsclub - Teslamotorsclub forums)
Toyota - Software Update Downloads (link option 2)
Oakbrook Service Specials
St. Charles Service Specials

Toyota Prius v Three
PRIUSchat forums - Hybrid Hypermiling - Winter MPG - PRIUSchat Fuel Economy
Draw-Tite Sportframe Hitch 24847 - Amazon
IIHS crash tests

EV Incentives (rebates/tax credits/etc...)
Federal: (Select "Vehicle placed in service on or after April 18, 2023.")
State: Illinois - Electric Vehicle Rebate Program - State EV incentives available Compare vehicles efficiency

NCSL "Special Fees on Plug-In Hybrid and Electric Vehicles" by state

Auto Financing:
dupage credit union

Auto Loan Amortization Calculator:

Shop For EVs
Forth Mobility
Plug In America

EV Social Clubs
Fox Valley Electric Auto Association

Electric Vehicle News:

Clean Technica


Green Car Reports

Inside EVs



Car Detailing (washing, polish, etc...):
Zaino Z-7 show car wash - Z-18 Claybar - Z-6 Ultra Clean Gloss Enhancer Spray - Zaino Beginners - How To Zaino
Car Care FAQ
Meguiars car polish
Reviews: - car detailing

Auto Body Work:
International Body Shop - Elmhurst

Radar Detectors:
Uniden R8 - Firmware Updates - R8 Downloads - Vortex Radar Uniden R8 configuration - Best Buy - Amazon

Uniden R7 - Firmware Updates - R7 Downloads - (Vortex Radar: R7 configuration - R7 1.46 update info) - Amazon

Best Radar Detectors
How To Hardwire a Radar Detector

Older Radar Detectors:
Uniden R3 - Vortex Radar Uniden R3 configuration - Best Buy - Amazon

Valentine One - Store
V1connection, the app (Velentine Android app)
JBV1 (Alternative Android app)
YaV1 (Alternative Android app)
V1-Driver (Pre-Release) (Alternative Android app) - V1Driver links - Settings
House Backup Power Options
Federal Tax Credits for Battery Storage - Form 5695 - Residential Energy Credits

Home Power Backup (Battery + Generator)

Tesla Powerwall - battery backup

Generac PWRcell - battery backup

Generac Home Backup Generators - fuel powered generators
Portable Battery Power

Review sites:
Jasonoid: youtube channel - web site - (spreadsheets: Portable Power Station Buyers Guide - 400w Solar Panel Comparison) - Portable 400W solar panel youtube video review

HOBOTECH: youtube channel

City Prepping: Youtube channel - Best Home Solar Generator for 2023 (The Ultimate Guide) - Best Solar Generator for 2023 (The Ultimate Guide) - Spreadsheet

Current Top Options:

EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max - HOBOTECH review - Amazon - Wellbots - QVC
EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max - w/400W Panel: Amazon
EcoFlow DELTA 2 Max - w/2x220W Portable Panel: EcoFlow - Amazon

EcoFlow DELTA Pro 3 Portable Power Station

EcoFLow DELTA Pro Ultra - EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Unboxing and First Impressions - Renewable Outdoors

EcoFlow DELTA Pro - HOBOTECH beginner friendly review - HOBOTECH full technical review - Amazon - Wellbots - Costco (Limited Time EcoFlow DELTA Pro EV Recharge Bundle)
EcoFlow DELTA Pro - w/400W Panel: EcoFlow - Amazon - Earth Tech Products kit - Costco (Limited Time EcoFlow DELTA Pro EV Recharge Bundle)
EcoFlow EV X-Stream Adapter (DELTA Pro) - "charge your EcoFlow DELTA Pro at thousands of level 2 AC EV charging stations worldwide"

EcoFlow accessories - Costco Next

400W EcoFlow Solar Panel - Amazon - Wellbots - Costco Next to see: Costco

220W EcoFlow Solar Panel - Amazon

Jackery Explorer 2000 Plus with 2x200W SolarSaga Solar Panels - HOBOTECH review - Jasonoid review - Amazon with 2x200W SolarSaga Solar Panels
Jackery Solar Generator 3000 Pro (Up to 6 x 200W Jackery Solar Panels using 2 x Jackery Solar Panel Connector)
200W Jackery Solar Panels - Amazon

Other Options:
Anker PowerHouse 767 - potential issue with AC polarity when plugged in?

Bluetti - questionable customer support services? - Youtube
AC300 + B300
Bluetti EB3A 600W 268Wh with PV200 200Watt Portable Solar Panel - Amazon

Goal Zero
(3000X and 6000X can be directly attached to a structure's breaker box to provide backup power or primary power (via solar) if the load is light enough)

Point Zero Energy

Small Portable Solar Panels and Small Portable Backup Power
Solar Panel Chargers - Portable, folding

Suntactics - sCharger-14 14W (2-panel) - 2 years warranty

CHOE Solar Panels - 3 years warranty

Anker Solar Panels - ? year warranty

Goal Zero - Amazon - 2 year warranty
Phone Battery Charger Batteries - Portable

Anker Power Banks

Aukey Power Banks

House Solar Panels
DSIRE - Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency
Illinois Shines
Illinois Power Agency (IPA)
IPA - Adustable Block Program
Illinois Solar For All
isea - Illinois Solar Energy Association
SEIA - Solar Energy Industries Association - Illinois Solar


Summit Solar

RETHINK Electric


Tesla Solar

Windfree Solar
Order Online:
Wholesale Solar
Solar Panel Options:
Panasonic Solar



Tesla Solar


Inverter Options:
SolarEdge - Monitoring - Android App

Enphase Microinverters - Enlighten Monitoring

Alternate Monitoring Options:
PV Magazine

Energy Generation Estimates:
PVWatts Calculator
Electric Bike Vendors

Lectric eBikes - XP 3.0 Long-Range eBikes - Manuals

Lyric Cycles - Lyric 305 GHOST by Tyson Beckford - Limited Edition Voodoo - Lyric Voodoo

Super73 - Super73-RX - Best Buy

Pedego Electric Bikes - Naperville link - Pedego Ridge Rider - Pedego Trail Tracker

Bike Vendors
Specialized - Rockhopper

Bike Shops
Kozy's Cyclery - Rockhopper - Chicago
Spokes Bikes - Naperville and Wheaton locations

SRAM Rockshox XC 32 TK 29

Bike Racks
Swagman XTC 2 bike hitch rack - Amazon
Swagman Anti-wobble Threaded Hitch Pin and Cable, 1/2-inch/6.5-Feet - Amazon

Bike Helmets
Specialized Echelon II - Consumer Reports Ratings - Spokes - Kozy's

Bike Locks
The Best Bike Lock Today - Tested
Bike Lock Reviews
Theft & Locking

Abus Bordo (Level 9) - Amazon
Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus (Level 15) - Amazon
Abus Granit X-Plus U-Lock (Level 15) - Amazon

Kryptonite Evolution Mini-7 w/ 4' Flex (7/10) - Amazon
Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit U-Lock (10/10) - Kozy's - Amazon
Kryptonite New York Standard U-Lock (9/10) - Kozy's - Amazon
Kryptonite KryptoLok series 2 Standard w/ 4" Flex (6/10) - Amazon

Mastiff chain
OnGuard Pitbull DT #8005 (83/100) - Amazon
OnGuard Bulldog DT #8012 (65/100) - Amazon

Locking Skewers:
Pinhead locking skewers

Bike Pumps
Specialized Air Tool Sport Floor Pump - Spokes - Kozy's
Pump Me Up! Bike Pump - Mini Bike Pump - Video demo - Video demo 2 - Amazon
Specialized Air HP Floor Pump - Youtube review
Lezyne Steel Floor Drive Pump - Video demo - Amazon - REI

Shock Pump:
Video demonstration
Planet Bike Shockmate - REI

Bike Lights
Cygolite - Metro 500 USB - Amazon
Nite Rider - Lumina 700 - Amazon

Bike Computers
CatEye CC-VL520 Velo 7 - Amazon
CatEye CC-VL820 Velo 9 - Amazon
CatEye CC-ED400 Enduro - Amazon
CatEye CC-RD200 Strada Cadence - Kozy's - Amazon
Specialized Speedzone Sport - Kozy's

Bike Cleaning:
Park Tool Cleaning and Lube
Finish Line
How to clean a bicycle in about 15 minutes
How to clean a bicycle in about 15 minutes - Part 2
How to clean a bicycle chain
Finish Line Chain Cleaner
Cleaning and lubricating a bike chain
Bicycle Chain Cleaner - Park Tool CM-5 and PCS-10 bike stand

Cell Phones
Pixel 8 Pro
Case: Spigen Tough Armor Designed for Pixel 8 Pro Case (2023) - Black - Amazon
Screen Protector: ArmorSuit 2 Pack Screen Protector Designed for Google Pixel 8 Pro (6.7") Case Friendly MilitaryShield HD Clear Film - Made in USA - Amazon

Pixel 8


Google Pixel Help Community (Pixel Software Update Posts) - Android Issue Tracker - Android Security Bulletins

Android Flash Tool website - Factory Images - OTA - Over The Air Updates

Android Support Dates - Warranty Date Lookup


Pixel Repair - IFIXIT - Google Phone Parts - buy replacement parts for your Google phone - News Info


Phone Size Comparison: PhoneArena

Phone Specification Comparison: PhoneArena - GSMArena

Phone Performance Comparison: Versus - Geekbench - kimovil

DxOMark - phone camera reviews


Old Phones



Frequencycheck - US - check cell phone frequencies to see if fully supported on your carrier
Frequency bands and channel bandwidths via Wikipedia
List of LTE networks via Wikipedia
List of planned LTE networks via Wikipedia
What bands do cell providers use? via Android Central

IMEI Check:
Wireless trade body CTIA - Stolen Phone Checker
Swappa - T-Mobile
CTIA - How to Deter Smartphone Thefts and Protect Your Data

Coverage maps
Cell Reception
Open Signal

Resellers of Wireless Service (MVNO) - Wikipedia List

T-Mobile Network:
* Mint Mobile - Android phone settings - APN video (info in description too) - T-Mobile Network
+ Google Fi - Fi Phones - T-Mobile network
Metro by T-Mobile - T-Mobile Network
Simple Mobile - T-Mobile Network
+ Tello Mobile - T-Mobile Network

AT&T Network:
Cricket - AT&T Network
H2O Wireless - AT&T Network

Sprint Network:
Boostmobile - Sprint Network
FreedomPop - Sprint Network
Republic Wireless - Sprint Network
RingPlus - Sprint Network
Virgin Mobile - Sprint Network

Verizon Network:
Page Plus - Verizon Network
Puppy Wireless - Verizon Network
Total Wireless - Verizon Network
Tracfone - Verizon Network
+ Visible - Verizon Network

Mulitple Provider Networks:
Net10 - AT&T/T-Mobile Networks - Q1W
+ Red Pocket Mobile
Straight Talk - Various Networks - SIM - APN settings - Forums - Howard Forums - FB support
+ Ting Mobile - Verizon and T-Mobile - wikipedia
US Mobile - Verizon or T-Mobile

Wireless Service Providers
Sprint - SprintFeed
T-Mobile - (+ Connect Note: data stops after limit) - Prepaid - twitter - US Cellular
Verizon Wireless

XDA Developers Prepaid forum
best prepaid plans

Cell Phones Reviews

Cell Phone Info
SMS Gateway list - find your cell number text address email
Fone Finder - find your cell number original provider
microSD card speed info

Cell Phone Applications
OmniRemote - Palm IR software

SIM converters:
German model from

Phone Repairs
Veterinarian/Animal Hospitals:
Banfield Pet Hospital - Naperville
Care Animal Clinic - Naperville - (Alternate Link - Dr. Fauley)
Indian Prairie Animal Hospital - Aurora
Naperville Animal Hospital - Naperville
+ Springbrook Animal Care Center - Naperville
The Welcome Waggin - Naperville
AAHA American Animal Hospital Association's Canine Vaccination Guidelines

Animal Rescue:
A.D.O.P.T. Pet Shelter - Naperville
Angels on Wheels Animal Rescue - Naperville
Magnificent Mutts Rescue - Hillside
Naperville Area Humane Society - Naperville
Starfish Animal Rescue - Various locations?
Wags 2 Wishes Animal Rescue - Adoptable Animals - Facebook page - Plainfield

Dog Breeds:
Dog Breeds (American Kennel Association)
Dog Breeds (dogtime)
Dog Breeds (petfinder)

Dog Treats
Nutro Crunchy Treats - Banana - Peanut Butter - Mixed Berries - Carrots - Pomegranate

PureBites - Freeze Dried Treats
8.8oz: Amazon - Pet Supplies Plus
16.6oz: Amazon - Pet Supplies Plus - Petsmart - Chewy

Stewart Pro-Treat Freeze Dried Beef Liver
2oz Amazon - Pet Supplies Plus
4oz Amazon - Pet Supplies Plus
14oz Amazon - Pet Supplies Plus
21oz Amazon

Cloud Star - Tricky Trainers 8oz Crunchy - Petco (use Firefox) Salmon - Petco (use Firefox) Liver

Royal Canin Gastrointestinal Canine Dog Treats - - Petco (use Firefox)

Wellness Snacks - Puppy Soft Bites - Puppy Crunchy Bites

Dog Food Storage Containers
Vittles Vault Airtight Stackable Pet Food Container
Vittles Vault Outback 40 (Dimensions: 21" Length x 12.5" Width x 17" Height) - Chewy - Petco (use Firefox) - Amazon
Vittles Vault Outback 30 - Amazon

Buddeez - Amazon

IRIS - Amazon

Water Bottles for Dogs
Gulpy 20oz or 10oz - Amazon

Pet Microchip Lookup:
Pet Microchip Lookup

Pet Microchip Registration:
Free Pet Chip Registry

Dog Medication:
Flea & Tick:
Nexgard - 1800petmeds - Chewy - Petco (was Doctors Foster and Smith) - Springbrook Animal Care Center
Bravecto - 1800petmeds - Chewy - Petco (was Doctors Foster and Smith) - Springbrook Animal Care Center
Interceptor Plus - 1800petmeds - Chewy - Petco (was Doctors Foster and Smith) - Springbrook Animal Care Center
FortiFlora by Purina - 1800petmeds - Chewy - Amazon

Dog Parks:
Dogs in the Preserves - Springbrook Prairie - Account Home
Wag N' Paddle

Pet Stores:
+ Chewy
+ Kriser's
Pet Food Station
+ Pet Supplies Plus - Yelp review
Pet Food Station
+ Petsmart - Naperville
Plainfield Pet Supply - Yelp review

Pet Training
Imprinted Paws - Imprinted Paws Dog Training - Facebook
narnia Pet Behavior & Training
Springbrook Animal Care Center Pet Training

Pet Training Tools

Dog Walkers

Search for a Pet:

Waterproof blankets/furniture covers:
mambe - Sofa Cover (70 x 120) - Chocolate - Oversize King (90 x 120) - Chocolate - Amazon

Do not use:
Dog Dental Treats: (Don't use these as these may cause issues for a dog)
Greenies - Amazon
Minties - Amazon 40 pack - Walmart 6.4 oz 16 pack - Menards 40 pack - Walmart 40 pack - Menards 60 pack - Walmart 24 oz 60 pack
Virbac C.E.T. Veggiedent - Amazon
Dog Food
Dog Food Advisor - Dry Dog Food Reviews
Dog Food Guru
Dog Food Insider dog-food

Pet Supplies Plus brand - RedFord Naturals Dog Food - Rice Options for Medium Sized Adult Dogs
+ Redford Naturals Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe Adult Dog Food, 28 pounds (~ $44.98 = $1.61/lb) - dogfoodadvisor rating (4 Adult)
+ Redford Naturals Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult Dog Food, 28 pounds (~ $44.98 = $1.61/lb)(sale: $39.98 = $1.43/lb) - dogfoodadvisor rating (4 Adult)
* Redford Naturals Puppy Chicken and Brown Rice - dogfoodadvisor rating (4.5 Puppy)
Redford Naturals Limited Ingredient Diet Grain Free Puppy Chicken & Sweet Potato Recipe Dog Food
dogfood guru review - Chat forum

PetSmart brand - Simply Nourish
+ Simply Nourish Adult Dog Food - Natural, Lamb & Oatmeal, 30 pounds (~ $47.99 = $1.60/lb) - Old bag design version (~ $44.49 = $1.48/lb) - dogfoodadvisor rating (4 adult)
+ Simply Nourish Adult Dog Food - Natural, Chicken & Brown Rice, 30 lb (~ $43.99 = $1.47/lb)(sale: $40.29 = $1.34/lb) - Old bag design version (~ $44.29 = $1.48/lb)(sale: $40.29 = $1.34/lb) - dogfoodadvisor rating (4 adult)
* Simply Nourish Puppy Food - Natural, Chicken & Brown Rice - dogfoodadvisor rating (4.5 puppy (4 average))
Simply Nourish Source - dogfoodadvisor rating (5) Simply Nourish Grain Free - dogfoodadvisor rating (4.5)
Simply Nourish Limited Ingredient Diet - dogfoodadvisor rating (4)

Costco Kirkland
+ Kirkland Signature Adult Chicken, Rice and Vegetable Dog Food 40 lbs. (~ $40.99 = $1.02/lb)(at store: $26.49 = $0.66/lb) (26% protein, 16% fat, 4% fiber) - dogfoodadvisor rating (4 Adult)
* Kirkland Signature Chicken, Rice and Vegetable Puppy Food 20 lbs. (28% protein, 17% fat, 3% fiber) - dogfoodadvisor rating (4.5 Puppy)
Kirkland Signature's Nature's Domain Puppy Chicken and Pea, 20 lbs. (27% protein, 15% fat, 4.5% fiber) (garbanzo beans, lentils, fava beans) dogfoodadvisor rating (4)

Fromm Puppy Gold (duck, chicken, lamb, whole eggs, wisconsin cheese) (27% protein, 18% fat, 3.5% fiber) - dogfoodadvisor rating (4.5)
$19.99 5 lbs. Plainfieldpetsupply

Orijen - dogfoodadvisor rating (5)
Orijen Puppy Formula Dog Food, 25 Pounds - Pet Supplies Plus ($80.98)
Orijen Six Fish Dog Food, 25 Pound Bag - Pet Supplies Plus ($90.98)

Merrick Grain Free - dogfoodadvisor rating (5)

Nutro Wild Frontier - dogfoodadvisor rating (4.5)
Nutro Wild Frontier Rolling Meadows Recipe Grain Free Lamb Dry Dog Food, 24 Pounds - Pet Supplies Plus ($59.98)
Nutro Ultra - dogfoodadvisor rating (4)
Nutro Max Grain Free - dogfoodadvisor rating (4)
Nutro Max - dogfoodadvisor rating (4)

Hill's Pet Nutrition - Dog Food
Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Canine Digestive Care - dogfoodadvisor rating (? - not rated yet) - Chewy - Doctors Foster and Smith
Hills Science Diet Dog Food Products
Hill's Science Diet Puppy Healthy Development (30.5% protein, 19.9% fat, 1.8% fiber) - dogfoodadvisor rating (4) - Petsmart
Hill's Prescription Diet i/d Digestive Care Chicken & Vegetable Stew Canned Dog Food - Chewy - Doctors Foster and Smith

Dog Food Toppers

Merrick Kitchen Comforts Wet Dog Food Gravy, Beef Tips and Rice Stew Beef and Brown Rice Dog Food with Grains - 12.7 Ounce Can - PetSmart - Pet Supplies Plus

Merrick Kitchen Comforts Lamb Shepherd’s Pie, Wet Dog Food With Gravy, Lamb and Rice Dog Food with Grains 12.7oz can - Amazon - Chewy - Petco - Petsmart - Pet Supplies Plus

Redford Naturals Grain Free Stew Lamb & Vegetables Recipe Adult Dog Food, 13.2 Ounces - Pet Supplies Plus

Nutro Limited Ingredient Diet - Turkey & Potato Recipe - Adult Wet Dog Food - Premium Loaf, 12.5oz - Petsmart

Stella & Chewy's Dandy Lamb Meal Mixers - Amazon - Chewy - Kriser's - Petco - Pet Supplies Plus - Walmart
House/Home Related
Philips hue - My hue - Account

Nest Thermostat - Support - Nest Community - Works with Nest - Home

Radon Reduction and Detection
Corentium Home Radon detector - Amazon

Furnace BTU calculator based on square footage and region

Garage Door Openers:
Chamberlain - Support -
Liftmaster -

Mattress options:
Tuft & Needle

Travel Mug:
Zojirushi SM-KHE48AG - Lazy Australian Review - Amazon

Kitchen equipment:
Refrigerator info:
Icemaker Repair
Refrigerator Repair - Replacing the Icemaker

Breville BOV800XL The Smart Oven - Bed Bath And Beyond - Amazon

Ginsu 7112 Chikara 12-piece stainless steel knife set with block - Amazon

Yamazaki Appel 65-Piece Flatware Set - Bed Bath & Beyond

Henckels 20-Slot Super Knife Storage Block - cutleryandmore - Amazon
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin 26 slot Bamboo Swivel Block - Amazon
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin 22-Slot Knife Storage Block - Amazon

Totally Bamboo Butcher Block, Large - Amazon
Totally Bamboo Big Kahuna Cutting Board - Amazon
Totally Bamboo 8-Ounce Revitalizing Bamboo Oil, Set of 2 - Amazon

Pyrex storage bowls
Pyrex Smart Essentials 8-pc. Mixing Bowl Set - Target - Walmart
Pyrex 17-pc. Bakeware Set - Target

Kitchen Cabinets:
Kountry Wood Products

Granite Countertops:
Optimum Granite & Marble, Inc.

Lawn Mower:
EGO LM2135SP Lawn Mower (Battery powered) - Home Depot - (Home Depot 11% Rebate Site)
Cub Cadet SC 100 push mower (Gas powered) - Chambers Lawn & Power Product - Home Depot

Leaf Blower:
EGO POWER+ 650 CFM BLOWER LB6500 - Ace Hardware - Home Depot

EGO Charger and Batteries:

Snow Throwers/Blowers 28" or 29":
Ariens 28" 921030 or 921037 - Consumer Reports review
Ariens 28" 921022 - Consumers Report - Home Depot - Google products
Cub Cadet 3X HD series - 3X 30" Consumer Reports review - Chambers Lawn & Power (30" HD) - Chambers Lawn & Power (28" HD)
Troy-Bilt Vortex 2890 31AH55Q 28" - Consumer Reports
Snapper / Simplicity - info - krazy - Sears Snapper 28"
Toro - 1800 electric - (Amazon) - 828LXE 2-stage - (Wisesales)
abbysguide Outdoor Power Equipment discussions
Snow Blower Engines (old)
Classic Deluxe Snow Thrower Cab

Paper Shredder
GoECOlife Limited Edition 10-Sheet Micro-Cut Shredder

Luxpro LP290C-Metal Clip - Fry's Electronics - Amazon

- Duracell Durabeam Ultra 500 Lumen flashlight

Sump Pumps
Metropolitan Industries, Inc. - Ion Products
Sump Pumps Direct - Ion MPPIII Part #MPK20316 kit

Shop Vacuums
Ridgid 16 Gal. Wet/Dry Vacuum with Detachable Blower - Home Depot

Fertilizer Spreader
Scotts Turf Builder EdgeGuard DLX Broadcast Spreader - Walmart
Poor reviews: Scotts Turf Builder Mini Broadcast Spreader - Home Depot

Federal Home Efficient Tax Credits - Federal Energy Saving Hub

Driveway Replacement
Power Paving - Asphalt driveway
Drendel Concrete, Inc. - Ben Drendel - 630 -878-4044 - bendrendel - Concrete driveway

Washer/Dryer Options
GE Profile 4.8 cu. ft. Capacity UltraFast Combo with Ventless Heat Pump Technology Washer/Dryer - Abt - Best Buy - ? Costco ? - The Home Depot - Lowes

Drywall repair:
Wall Doctor - Ken Greenwood

Garage Door repair:
Affordable Garage Door Services

The Growing Place - Naperville, IL
Wagner Farms - Naperville, IL

Brecks Tulips
Holland Bulb Farms
Tulip World

Weber Genesis E-310
Weber Genesis EP-310 Premium Propane Gas Grill (6512301) at Ace

Pool Table:
C. L. Bailey and Fischer brand Pool Tables - Dutchess 8'
Cue-N-Cushion (Elmhurst, IL)

Office Chair:
Herman Miller Aeron Chair

Ceiling Fans:
Hunter Low Profile III Plus 52" - Amazon - Google Shopping
Hunter Low Profile III 52" - Amazon - Google Shopping

Lawn Mower:
Lawn-Boy 10640 - Amazon - Home Depot

Jeep Homeowner Wheelbarrow
Rubbermaid Rough Rider Lawn Cart

Hardwood Flooring
How To Prep a Wood SubFloor
How To Install Hardwood Floors
How to Install Westhollow Solid Hardwood Flooring
Ecotimber Bamboo flooring
* Greenhome Solutions
Lumber Liquidators
LW Mountain

Other Flooring
Congoleum DuraCeramic Sierra Slate


Ryobi ONE+ 18 Volt
Ryobi 18V Lithium-Ion Drill and Impact Driver Kit P882 - Home Depot
Ryobi 18V Lithium-Ion Battery & Charger Upgrade Kit P128 - Home Depot
Ryobi 18-Volt One+ LED Workshop Light P780 - Home Depot
Ryobi 18V Toughtunes Radio/Charger P745 - Home Depot
Ryobi 18V One+ Radio P741 - Home Depot

ToolBoyWorld's "Ryobi Batteries"

Ryobi TEK4 4 Volt

Air Compressors
California Air Tools 1610A 1.6 Gallon Aluminum tank 2.35CFM@90PSI - marketing video - noise level comparison video - noise level comparison video 2 - Amazon
California Air Tools 6310 6.3 Gallon Steel tank 2.35CFM@90PSI - Amazon
Senco PC1010N 1 gallon steel tank .7SCFM@90PSI - Info - Menards

Pest Control:
DuPont Advion ant gel - Amazon
Optigard Ant Bait Gel - Amazon

Swimming Pool Stuff:
Leslie's Pool - Lombard
Norbert Pools - Lisle
Russo's Pools - Northlake
Pool products:
+Doughboy - PowerLine XP I Pump - AquaView 17" Filter
-Hayward Power-Flo LX pool pump - Leslie's - Amazon
-Hayward Power-Flo Matrix pool pump - Leslie's - Amazon
Pool Filter Sand:
Pool Chemicals:
BioGuard - Smart PAK Skimmer -

Hound Dog backyard tools
Clayton i-house
FAA Drone Zone - Register your drone

AMA - Academy of Model Aeronautics - model aircraft insurance

Dupage Forest Preserve - Model Crafts - model aircraft fields (AMA insurance required)

Propmasters - R/C Aero Club Naperville, IL

DJI Mavic Air 2 - Downloads
Mavic Air 2 Propeller Guard - Amazon - B&H - Best Buy
DJI Products Forum
Mavic Pilots Forums
DroneZon - "DJI Mavic Air 2 Review Of Features, Specs And FAQs Answered"

Fitness and Sports
Dumbells: PowerBlock Elite Set 5-50
Weight Bench: Bowflex Selectech 3.1 Bench - -
Soft vinyl weighted fitness ball: Valeo Weighted Fitness Ball 2,4,6,8, or 10 lb.
Everlast HBX Heavy Bag Stand w/ Heavy Bag (never used)
Everlast Personal Boxing Timer (never used)
Fitness Tree: Hoist HF4962
Ultimate Body Press Dip Bar

Centrum Silver Men 50+ multivitamin - (Recommended: Men's Health)
Men's One Energy Multivitamin by Rainbow Light - Amazon
OmegaBrite omega-3 fish oil supplement - (Recommended: Men's Health)
AtLargeNutrition Nitrean protein blend - (Recommended: Men's Health)

now 8 Billion Acidophilus & Bifidus

Health Clubs:
Life Time Fitness

Workout routines:
300 workout challenge
James Bond workout
Jason Stathom workout
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)
Turbulence Training - Videos

Hal Higdon's Marathon Training Guide (Novice Program)

Adams Golf

Golf Ranges:
Links & Tees Golf Facility - Addison, IL
Riedy's Tee Time, Inc. - Lisle, IL

Inline Skating & Ice Hockey Sites

Great Lakes - Willow Creek

Home Theater
AVS Forum

Power Surge Protectors
Tripp Lite TLP1210SATG - Amazon - Provantage
Tripp Lite TLP1208SAT - Amazon - Provantage
Tripp Lite TLP76MSG - Amazon - Provantage
Tripp Lite TLP606B - Amazon - Provantage

High Definition

Barrett's - electronics store
Denon AVR-X2000 - Best Buy
Denon AVR-X4000 - Best Buy
Denon AVR-E400 - Best Buy

Marantz - NR1604 - NR1604 thread - Best Buy - Amazon

Harmon Kardon

Infinity Systems
Polk Audio
Definitive Technology
Yamaha YST-SW216BL subwoofer - Newegg - Google products
Speakers with Bluetooth
UE Megaboom

CNET reviews

Epson PowerLite Home Cinema 8350 projector
old: Infocus X10
old: Infocus SP4805 (old)
old: Unofficial Infocus X1 FAQ (old)

Vizio M70-C3 - cnet review - Amazon - Costco
Vizio M55-C2 - Costco - Target - Amazon
Vizio M43-C1 - Costco - Amazon

Vizio M-series Amazon review setting suggestions
Vizio M-series cnet setting suggestions
Vizio M-series avsforum thread


Samsung HW-JM45C 37" 2.1 - Amazon - Costco
Vizio Soundbars
Vizio 38" 2.1 Sound Bar SB3821-C6 - Amazon - Costco
Yamaha ATS-1050BL Bluetooth Soundbar - Amazon - Costco

Streaming Media Players
Roku 4 - Amazon

TV Wall Mounts
Sanus VLT5-B1 - Best Buy - Amazon

Remote Controls
Kameleon Remote
+ MonoPrice
+ OneCall

On Demand Video
Roku player

Eliminating Ground Loop Hum
Self Defense
Gun Laws by State
NRA gun laws by state

Illinois State Police
Illinois State Police Firearm Services Bureau (Firearm Owners Identification (FOID))
Illinois State Police - Illinois Concealed Carry Licensing (CCL)

Concealed Carry Laws by State
Utah Concealed Carry
USA Carry

Illinois Weapon Law
Wiki - Cook County Assault Weapons Ban

Hand Guns
Glock - G19 - GSSF online - hickock45 Glock 26 - Wiki - GlockTalk Forums - Cabela's
FNH FNS-9 - hickok45
CZ - 75B - P01 - Compact - Wiki - Cabela's CZ 75B - Cabela's CZ P-01
Ruger - SR9C - Cabela's
Ruger - SR22 - Cabela's
Sig Sauer

.22LR Rifles
+ Smith&Wesson M&P15-22 - MOE 811034 - youtube - which to buy, Ruger SR-22 or S&W M&P 15-22 - Mattsplat1975 review - armoryblog review - Patrick Shockley review - gunsandammo review - hangemhigh2000 - Customized S&W M&P 15-22 - Nutnfancy review - Cabela's - Grabagun - Kentucky Gun Co. ~$499
+ Ruger 10/22 Takedown - Ruger BX-25 25-round magazines - Hickok45 - Chapter 2
Ruger 10/22 rifle
+ Savage Arms Mark II FVT - Kentucky Gun Co. ~$299
Sig Sauer 522 SWAT - Nutnfancy review - no bolt hold back on last round
Ruger SR-22 rifle

5.56mm NATO/.223 Rifles - Piston
+ LWRC IC A5 16" - Shot show 2015 video - ( XTreme Guns & Ammmo - Patriot Brown $2,399.95 - Black $2,399.95 )
LWRC IC A5 DMR 18" - XTreme Guns & Ammmo (Black) $2,499.95
+ LWRC International M6-IC-SPR - Atlantic Firearms LLC $2,249 - Xtremegunsandammo $2,249.95 - Hinterlandoutfitters $2,199 (Brown $2,349)

Stag Arms Model 8T - rifleshootermag review - Bud's Gunshop (10+1 model) $1,149.48 (was $1,161.84)

Stag Arms Model 8 - Bud's Gunshop $1,016.61

IWI Tavor - Wikipedia - Hinterlandoutfitters $1,733.10

+ Bushmaster ACR Enhanced 90704 - SCAR vs ACR Part 1 - SCAR vs ACR Final Thoughts - Future Weapons (ACR) - ACR & Sig 556 Comparison - ACR -Over the Beach Test - Kentucky Gun Co. ($2,189.21 (was $2,061) - Bud's Gunshop ($2,140.34) - Kylesgunshop $1,899.99 - Hinterlandoutfitters $1,869+$8.99 shipping

FNH SCAR 16S - Hinterlandoutfitters

H&K MR556A1 (updated H&K HK416) - Buds Gunshop $2,753.19 - Hinterlandoutfitters $2,863.38

5.56mm NATO/.223 Rifles - Direct Gas Impingement
LaRue Tactical PredatAR 5.56 16" - tactical-life review

LaRue Tactical PredatAR 5.56 18"

Stag Arms 3G - Bud's Gunshop $1,265 (was $1,287.50) - Hinterlandoutfitters $1,252.01 (was $1,263.60) + $8.99 shipping

+ Smith & Wesson M&P15 TS 811024 - (Kentucky Gun Co. $1,332.41 - (Bud's Gunshop $1,241.15) - (Hinterlandoutfitters $1,285.20)

Smith & Wesson M&P15 VTAC II Viking Tactics 811025

Smith & Wesson M&P15 MOE Mid MAGPUL SPEC SERIES 811053 - Nutnfancy review - Hinterland $1,030.05

Daniel Defense

AR-15 Ammo Oracle - mirror - AR-15 Wiki

7.62x51mm NATO/.308 Rifles
LWRC International R.E.P.R. - (Hinterland: Black 20" fluted - Brown 20" fluted )
FNH SCAR 17S - hickok45 - Close-up
H&K MR762A1
H&K MR762A1 (LRP)
Smith & Wesson M&P10 811308 - Kentucky Gun Co. ($1,381.13) - Bud's Gunshop ($1,358.57)
Springfield Armory M1A

AK-47 - Wikipedia

5.7x28mm Rifles
FNH PS90 Standard - Mattsplat1975 - wikipedia

9mm Rifles
Beretta Cx4 Storm - Hickok45 - Hickok45 Chapter 2
Kel-Tec Sub-2000 Glock Mags - Nutnfancy review - Hickok45
Thureon Defense 9mm Carbine Glock Mags - Hickok45 - Hickok45 Ch.2
Olympic Arms 9mm AR (K9-GL) - youtube - youtube 2
MP5K-PDW 9mm ?

5.56x45 NATO ammo for AR-15: - wiki Olympic Arms AR-15 model K3B - youtube
45ACP Rifles
Kriss Vector

Shotguns - Autoloader:
Kel-Tec KSG - Gunblast - Gunblast update
Mossberg 930 Special Purpose - + 930 SPX - Mossberg 930 SPX Updated review - Brandon401401 Mossberg 930 demo - Kentucky Gun Co.

Shotguns - Pump Action:
Hickok45 review - Mossberg 590 vs Remington 870
+ Mossberg 590 A1 - 590 A1 - Wiki - Hickok45 590 A1 - Hickok45 590 A1 Ch.2 - Kentucky Gun Co
Wilson Combat Border Patrol (Remington 870) - hickock45

Ammunition for the Range:
Federal American Eagle 9mm AE9DP - Cabela's - Cabela's w/can - SGAmmo 50 - SGAmmo 1000
Speer 9mm - SGAmmo 1000 - SGAmmo 1000 Cleanfire
CCI Mini-Mag 22LR Copper-Plated Round Nose 40 Grain 1235 FPS (Part #0030) - SGAmmo
Winchester M22 40 Grain 1255 FPS Black Copper Plated Round Nose - Cabela's - Walmart
Winchester Super-X 40gr Copper Solid - SGAmmo

Ammunition for personal protection or home defense:
Hornady Critical Defense - Midway USA - Cabela's
Speer Gold Dot - SGAmmo 50 Gold Dot Hollow Point

Ammo - other:
Federal Champion 9mm WM5199 - Cabela's - Walmart
Federal Champion .22LR - Cabela's 2,100 rounds w/Ammo Can - Walmart
USA Ammo 9mm

Ammo info and effects:
9mm vs .45 vs rifle medical video
5.56 vs .223


Ammo Pouches
Fobus Double Magazine Paddle Pouch 6900P - MidwayUSA - Amazon

Gun Cleaning
Ballistol - FireHawk - MidwayUSA
Southern Bloomer Cleaning Patches

Gun Safe
GunVault NV200 NanoVault - Amazon

Galco KT224B - review - MidwayUSA - Amazon
Ruger SR22 Pro Carry HD - The Holster Store - Ruger SR22 Holster Review (Pro Carry HD) - Amazon
Ruger SR22 Pro Carry Hybrid - The Holster Store

Streamlight TLR-4 - OpticsPlanet reviews - MidwayUSA - Amazon
Surefire X400 - Amazon
Viridian C5L - Amazon

Nikon MONARCH 3 4-16x42 Side Focus Mildot - Amazon
Aimpoint PRO - Amazon
Nikon Target EFR - Video review 1 - Video review 2

Scope Mounts:
Burris AR-P.E.P.R. 410344 1-inch Quick Detach - Amazon

Spare Magazines
Glock 33 Round Factory Magazine - Midway USA - Cheaper Than Dirt - Natchez Shooters Supplies

Gun Vise/Rest
CTK Precision P3

NRA Training
The Gun Safety Guy

Becoming a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL)

Where to buy weapons
Armslist Firearms Marketplace
+ Gallery of Guns
+ Guns America
North American Firearms - Lombard, IL
Ray O'Herron - Downers Grove, IL

Where to buy ammo
+ gun-deals

AIM Surplus - Ohio
Ammunition To Go - Texas
Cheaper Than Dirt - Texas
Discount Ammo Sales - Connecticut
Freedom Munitions - Texas
Lucky Gunner - Tennessee
Mass Ammo - Florida
SGAmmo - Oklahoma
TROP Elite Equipment - Pennsylvania
Natchez Shooting Supplies - Tennessee
Palmetto State Armory - South Carolina

Dick's Sporting Goods

Ammo manufacturers/distributors:

Gun Ranges
Article II - Lombard
Aurora Sportsmen's Club - Aurora
Buffalo Range Shooting Park - Ottawa
G.A.T. Guns, Inc. - Dundee
Illinois State Rifle Association - Bonfield
Mega Sports - Plainfield
Midwest Guns - Lyons
Range 355 - Bolingbrook
Shoot Point Blank Range & Gunshop - Hodgekins
Shoot Point Blank Range & Gunshop - Naperville
The Range At 355 - Bolingbrook, IL
Wheaton Rifle Club

Army Surplus Stores
1st Army Supply (Lombard)
Chicago Army Navy Surplus (Downers Grove)
Trader John's Outpost (Elgin)

16" Black Steel Expandable Baton w/sheath
Survival Gear
FireSteel - FireSteel Tube Ranger - fire starting tools
Light My Fire Original Swedish FireSteel Army 12,000 Strike Fire Starter - Amazon
Lifesaversystems - portable water filtration bottle
Cool stuff
Movies & Music & Books I like
Heroes - Fringe
Making Music
Hash 3D Animation: Master , Maya , Pixar RenderMan : animation movies
Internet Live Music: , , Winamp Radio , Icecast
Warheads game
Homestar Runner
Project Gutenberg - Free Books Online
Fancy watches: Breitling - Movado - TAG Heuer
iTouch automatic opening trash can
Bullet Space Pen
GamerRankings - -
Chicago Over-The-Air channels - - TVGuide - Yahoo TV Listing - Moviefone - new movie info
Blockbuster , Hollywood Video , MTV , , Columbia House DVD club
O'Reilly Books
BooksOnline , BookWire animation movies
Art of Greg Martin - Digital Blasphemy
Sharky Extreme , Voodoo Extreme , Blues , Stomped , nV News , Thresh's Firing Squad , Shugashack
Dragonflyer radio controlled helicopter
Berkshire Ziplining Tours
Karaoke Software:
Tricerasoft Just Karaoke
Ultra Star Deluxe

Karaoke Music:
Black Diamond - Momentum Package - rockclimbing reviews - REI - Package: REI - Amazon

Petzl - Amazon

Climbing Shoes:
La Sportiva
Mythos - REI
Miura - REI
Nago - REI

Techno - REI

Five Ten
Coyote - REI
Moccasym - REI

Red Chili
Spirit - REI

Vertical Endeavors Shoes

Belay Devices
Petzl Grigri - REI - TravelCountry
Black Diamond ATC - REI - TravelCountry
EMS - Eastern Mountain Sports
Karst Sports
Mountain Gear
Rock & Snow
Summit Hut
* TravelCountry
Vertical Endeavors

Figure Eight Follow Through Climbing Knot
Video demo 1
Video demo 2
Video demo 3
Digital Camera Manufacturers
Nikon - D3100 review - D7100 review
Panasonic - Lumix FZ200 (DMC-FZ200K) - Graham Houghton FZ200 based videos

Canon G2 FAQ
PIE 3.2 - digital camera picture download software
Gallery - php photo gallery software

Stop Motion Sites
Dragon Stop Motion
Ninja's unboxing
Digital Camera Review Sites
Digital Photography Review
Steve's Digicams
Digital Camera Resource
Imaging Resource
Lonestar Digital
Sites with Pictures Online
Other digicam sites
Breeze Software
indeo - free video codec to m-jpeg (Canon G2 movies in Windows ME)
Morgan M-JPEG codec (view Canon G2 m-jpeg movies)
Bink Tools - avi to executable movie
A Recipe For Longevity: 33 Of The Healthiest Foods On Earth

Stubbs BBQ Sauce
Weber Grill BBQ Sauce

Cousin Willies
Crown Jewel Gourmet
Fireworks Popcorn
Orville Redenbacher's
Riehle's Select
White Cat Popcorn
Amish Popping Corn
Gourmet Popcorn Plus
Popcorn Popper
UnPopped Gourmet
Popcorn Poppers
Stir Crazy Popcorn Popper
Whirley Pop Shop - Amazon
The Republic of Tea - * Green Tea Honey Ginseng - * Green Rooibos (Raw Green Bush Tea)
Tiesta Tea - * Chinese Jasmine green tea - Amazon 1.8 oz - Amazon 4.5 oz - Amazon 16 oz
Rishi Tea - Rishi Jasmine Green Tea - Rishi Loose Tea Infuser Basket - Amazon

Albanese Gummies
* Black Forest Organic Gummies
Cedrinca - Sicilia - Tirolese
Fannie May Candy
Lindt Candy
See's Candy

Anna's Ginger Thins

Soylent (meal replacement)
Wine Glasses - info - info2
Vintner's 12-Piece Wine Tasting Goblet Set
Bali Wine Rack
Riunite Lambrusco
Motorcycles and Scooters
Motorcycle Safety Foundation
Harley Davidson
Vectrix Electric Scooter
Batteries in a Portable World
Reviews - nimh rechargeable reviews - The Great Battery Shootout - Battery Analysis
PowerVision Rechargeable CR-V3 battery: review
Delkin RCR-V3 battery charger and batteries
Iriana's Pizza - Little Rock, AR
Crown Paradise Club - All Inclusive

King Kamehameha's Kona Beach Hotel
Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville Mega Cavern
Mammoth Cave
Nashville, Tennessee
Parks and Recreation
Belle Meade Plantation
Bike Tours - Green Fleet Hub
Fort Nashborough
Fort Negley
General Jackson's River Cruises
The Parthenon
Corner Bakery
Flying Saucer Draught Emporium - Garland, TX
Nasa's Space Center Houston
Primos Tex Mex Grille - Garland, TX
Saltgrass Steakhouse
Texas Land & Cattle
Zilker Botanical Garden - Austin, TX
Bold Rock Hard Cider
Al Johnson's - Swedish Pancakes (Sister Bay, WI)
Italiano's - Italian (Sparta, WI)
Jake's Northwoods - Steak (Sparta, WI)
Not Licked Yet - Custard Ice Cream (Fish Creek, WI)
Jelly Belly Warehouse - Tour and Samples (Pleasant Prairie, WI)
Julie's Cafe - Julie's Jumbalia (Fish Creek, WI)
Los Magueyes - Mexican (Green Bay, WI)
Scaturo's (Sturgeon Bay, WI)
Wisconsin Riverside Resort - Camping (Spring Green, WI)
Coleman 10' x 9' 6-person Instant Tent - Amazon - Costco
Coleman Instant Tent Rainfly Accessory - Amazon
REI Relax Air Bed - Queen - air mattress
REI Kingdom Sleep System - Queen - air mattress + extras
Chicagoland Aviation
American Giant - Heavyweight hooded sweatshirt

FCC Ham Radio License Renewal