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Raspberry Pi

Raspberry Pi - Raspberry Pi OS (previously called Raspbian)

Pi-hole - DNS Ad Blocker - Pi-hole statistics "Privacy levels"
How To Setup Pi-hole On A Synology NAS - Kev Quirk
Install Pi-hole on Raspbian Lite From Scratch
DNS Over HTTPS - How to implement DNS-Over-HTTPS on PiHole
Pi-hole upgrade: pihole -up

raspbian-x - Twister OS

Raspberry Pi 4 Model B - 4GB DDR4 - Microcenter

Raspberry Pi 4 Official 15W Power Supply US - (Black - Microcenter) - (White - Microcenter)

How-To Improve Your Raspberry Pi Boot Time On Raspbian Lite

Raspberry Pi - Notes

TeslaUSB - Raspberry Pi Zero W used in Tesla car to automatically backup dashcam video and also store music files
/mnt/musicarchive mountpoint looks corrupt
Force archive: touch /tmp/archive_is_unreachable
Diagnose issues
TeslaUSB discord server
To upgrade:
sudo -i
/root/bin/setup-teslausb upgrade